President: Bill Sparks | (317) 661-3359
Vice-President: Cori Wills
Secretary: Diane Graves
Treasurer: Dee Ann Hart | (765) 215-1211

Join the ISBVI Alumni Email List

An email list has been set up for former students of ISBVI to communicate with each other.

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Indiana School for the Blind Alumni Podcast

Or call us and leave a message with any questions or concerns at 317-721-9159.

Fundraising Initiatives

If you have the means to do so, and wish to support your ISBVI Alumni Association, please donate!

Basket Auction

Consider creating and donating a basket for auction at the 2021 convention. Design your own basket or collaborate with others. Along with your basket please include a Braille and/or typewritten description of what is in your basket and a suggested cash value. Have questions? call 317-721-9159.

Purchase ISBVI Alumni Cookbook

The ISBVI cookbook is available for purchase. This is a fundraiser for the ISBVI Alumni Association and contains contributions from alumni and from the ISBVI kitchen. Cookbooks are $25 each and are available in Braille, 14 point Large Print, Computer text .txt and Computer Braille .brf.

ISBVI Alumni Member Directory

the ISBVI Alumni directory is available for purchase at a cost of $20 each; in your choice of electronic braille, hard copy braille, 14 point font large print, or computer text .txt. A portion of your payment will go to the ISBVI Alumni Association. All listings are provided with the consent of the student. Please respect their privacy. Call us to leave a message with updates to your contact info, or request a return call to order over the phone. The number is 317-721-9159. Click here to add or update your contact information