Basket Auction

Consider creating and donating a basket for auction at the 2021 convention. Design your own basket or collaborate with others. Along with your basket please include a Braille and/or typewritten description of what is in your basket and a suggested cash value. Have questions? call 317-721-9159.

Purchase ISBVI Alumni Cookbook

The ISBVI cookbook is available for purchase. This is a fundraiser for the ISBVI Alumni Association and contains contributions from alumni and from the ISBVI kitchen. Cookbooks are $25 each and are available in Braille, 14 point Large Print, Computer text .txt and Computer Braille .brf.

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ISBVI Alumni Member Directory

the ISBVI Alumni directory is now available for purchase at a cost of $20 each; in your choice of electronic braille, hard copy braille, 14 point font large print, or computer text .txt. A portion of your payment will go to the ISBVI Alumni Association. Contact your fellow alumnists! All listings are provided with the consent of the student. Please respect their boundaries for with whom they choose to communicate. You may pay either with a credit card or Paypal. Purchase an alumni directory using the button below, or call us to leave a message with updates to your contact info, or request a return call to order over the phone. The number is 317-721-9159. Click here to add or update your contact information

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